terms of service

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") stipulate the conditions for providing the Service and the rights and obligations between the Company and users. When using this service, it is necessary to agree to this agreement after reading the entire text of this agreement.


Article 1 (Application)

The purpose of this agreement is to stipulate the conditions of provision of this service and the relationship of rights and obligations between our company and users regarding the use of this service. Applies to relationships.

In the event that the content of these Terms differs from the rules in the preceding paragraph or other explanations of the Service outside of these Terms, the provisions of these Terms shall take precedence.


Article 2 (Definitions)

The following terms used in these Terms shall have the respective meanings set forth below.

  • "Service Agreement" means the agreement for the use of the Service concluded between the Company and the Registered User on the terms of this Agreement.
  • "Intellectual property rights" means copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights includes.).
  • “Company” means Livestreamers Inc.
  • "Our website" means the website operated by our company whose domain is "https://uni-motion.com/" (regardless of the reason, the domain or content of our website (including the website after such changes, if any).
  • "User" means any user of the Service, including members under Article 3 (Users).
  • "This service" means the service named [Uni-motion] provided by the Company (if the name or content of the service is changed for any reason, this includes the service after the change). I mean


Article 3 (Users)

The User shall use the Service in accordance with these Terms and the individual provisions set forth in the next article.

The user shall be responsible for all actions taken using this service and the results thereof.

The user shall prepare the necessary communication equipment, software, and all other necessary equipment to use this service, conclude a line usage contract, subscribe to the Internet connection service, and make other necessary preparations. shall be performed at its own expense and responsibility.

The Company may change the content of the Service without individual agreement with the User. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the User due to the change, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

A member is a person who agrees to comply with these Terms, applies for membership registration according to the procedure prescribed by the Company, and is approved by the Company. Any person who wishes to become a member must enter accurate and up-to-date information when registering as a member, and the Company shall not be held responsible for any damages or other matters arising from the inaccuracy or inaccuracy of such information. will do.

If the user does not receive the order despite having placed an order with this service, refuses the next order, or charges the actual cost of round-trip shipping and handling fees when the user does not receive the order there is.

Users can enter purchaser information and shipping address information, and members can use this service to purchase products using their e-mail address and password.

Members shall strictly manage their e-mail addresses and passwords at their own responsibility, and the Company shall not be liable for damages suffered by members due to the use of their e-mail addresses and passwords by others, regardless of whether there is any negligence on the part of the members. We do not take any responsibility.

Members must not share their e-mail address and password with a third party, nor lend or transfer them to a third party.

Members shall follow the procedures prescribed by the Company in the event that they forget their e-mail address and password.

If the member's e-mail address and password are stolen, or if it is found that the e-mail address and password are being used by a third party, the member shall immediately notify the Company to that effect and If there is an instruction, it shall be followed.

Registration for use by minors requires the consent of a person with parental authority.


Article 4 (Changes to Registered Matters)

If there is any change in the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other information reported to the Company, the member shall promptly notify the change in the manner prescribed by the Company. If you do not notify the change, you will not be able to continue using the membership.


Article 5 (Prohibitions)

If the user falls under any of the following, the Company shall be able to regulate the use of this service by the user without prior notice and consent from the user.

(1) When the information submitted by the user at the time of registration is false, fraudulent, duplicate registration, erroneous entry, or omission;
(2) When it becomes impossible to contact the user by phone, fax, email or other means.
(3) In case of violation of any of the provisions of these Terms
(4) Repeated returns, refusal of receipt, or inability to receive without justifiable reason
(5) In addition, when the Company determines that it is inappropriate as a user

If a member falls under any of the following items, the Company may immediately revoke the member's membership without prior notice.
(1) In case of violation of laws and regulations or these Terms, etc.
(2) Acts that cause disadvantage or discomfort to other members or other third parties, such as slandering other members or other third parties, defaming others, infringing on privacy, etc. if you go
(3) In the event of engaging in election campaigns or similar acts;
(4) When engaging in business activities or acts for profit
(5) When the operation of this service is obstructed
(6) In the event of violation of the rules stipulated by the connection provider with which the member has a contract;
(7) In addition to the acts stipulated in Article 3, Paragraph 8 and below, when unauthorized use of ID and password is recognized
(8) When false information (including personal information) is provided to the Company
(9) When the credit card reported by the member as a payment method is suspended
(10) When there is a default of payment obligations such as charges
(11) When it becomes impossible to contact the registered member information (address, telephone number, e-mail)
(12) If the member is a member of an organized crime group or has a close relationship with an organized crime group or a member of an organized crime group;
(13) In the event that the Company determines that the member is inappropriate as a member, as a result of the cancellation of the membership by the Company in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the member is unable to use the Service, resulting in damage to the member or a third party. However, we do not take any responsibility.


Article 6 (Transfer of Status in Service Use Contract, etc.)

The user may not assign, transfer, set collateral, or otherwise dispose of the status under the contract of use or the rights or obligations under this agreement to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company.

In the event that the Company transfers the business related to this Service to another company, the Company shall retain the status of the service contract, the rights and obligations under these Terms, the registered user registration items and other customer information in connection with the business transfer. The User shall be deemed to have agreed to such transfer in advance in this section. In addition, the business transfer stipulated in this section shall include not only ordinary business transfer, but also all cases of company split and other business transfers.


Article 7 (Handling of User Information)

The handling of user information by the Company shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Company's separate privacy policy, and users, etc. shall agree to the handling of user information by the Company in accordance with this privacy policy.

The Company may, at its discretion, use and disclose the information, data, etc. provided by the User to the Company as statistical information in a form that cannot identify individuals, and the User may object to this. shall not be chanted.


Article 8 (Posted information)

The Company shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to the user due to misunderstanding due to misunderstandings due to misprints or misprints on this service.

If there is an error in the price information, etc., we may not be able to accept the order even after the order has been confirmed. In this case, we will contact you with the official information and reconfirm your intention to purchase.

There may be slight errors or differences between the posted image and the actual product due to monitor screen settings, characteristics, etc., but purchased products cannot be returned or refunded for this reason.

Even if there is a difference between the price of the purchased product and the selling price at the time of purchase due to a sale, etc. after purchase, the difference cannot be refunded or the order can be canceled, regardless of whether the product has arrived. .


Article 9 (Purchase of goods)

When the Company completes the acceptance process for the order submitted by the user and sends an e-mail to the e-mail address registered by the user, the sales contract for the product related to the order shall be established.

Orders made using an e-mail address and password will be considered valid orders for the member corresponding to that e-mail address and password, regardless of the reason.

In the sales contract with the member, the information registered as a member at the time the sales contract was concluded shall be used, and unless otherwise indicated by the Company, the same shall apply even if the member information is changed after the contract is concluded. I will.

The Company shall not be held responsible for any orders not accepted due to Internet failures or other causes not attributable to the Company.


Article 10 (Payment)

The user shall settle the payment for the purchased products, etc. by the method prescribed by the Company.

The timing of billing (payment) for purchased products, etc. is as follows.

Payment Method Billing (payment) timing
credit card Billing at the time of product purchase
PayPal Billing at the time of product purchase
Smartphone payment Billing at the time of product purchase
Convenience store payment Payment within 3 days after order date.
If there is no payment, it will be assumed that there is no intention to purchase, and the order will be automatically canceled.
Fees will be borne by the user.

Product prices include consumption tax.


Shipping charges are as follows. (tax included)

Shipping method postage
standard postage 930 yen
Nekoposu 385 yen

*Shipping overseas is not possible.


Article 11 (Withdrawal)

Members shall be free to withdraw from membership at any time, and withdrawal shall be completed when the member himself/herself completes the prescribed withdrawal procedures.

The member's status as a member is personal and exclusive, and the procedure set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be deemed to have been completed when the Company becomes aware of the member's death.


Article 12 (Ownership of copyright, etc.)

Copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, design rights and any other intellectual property rights related to each content of this service and the right to receive registration of these rights (hereinafter referred to as "intellectual property rights") are owned by us or our company. are the property of their licensors.

Regardless of the existence of intellectual property rights, users may not copy, distribute, reprint, transfer, publicly transmit, modify, adapt, or otherwise make secondary use of the contents of this service.


Article 13 (Change and Suspension of Service)

In the event of a failure, including malfunction, in the system or equipment necessary to provide the Service, or in the event of an emergency such as an earthquake, fire, flood, power outage, etc., the Company may temporarily suspend or suspend the Service. If deemed necessary, the Service may be suspended or discontinued without prior notice or consent to users and members.

The Company may change, add, or delete all or part of the content of the Service without obtaining the consent of the user or member.
Regardless of the reason, the Company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by users, members or third parties due to the change, suspension or discontinuation of this service.


Article 14 (Changes to Terms of Use)

The Company reserves the right to change these Terms if the Company deems it necessary. In the event that these Terms are changed, we will notify the users of the timing and content of the revised Terms by posting them on our website or other appropriate methods. However, in the case of a change in content that requires the consent of the user under laws and regulations, the consent of the user shall be obtained in the manner prescribed by the Company.

Unless otherwise specified by the Company, the Terms after the change in Paragraph 1 shall come into effect at the time they are displayed on the website, etc. operated by the Company.


Article 15 (Disclaimer)

The Company shall ensure that the Service conforms to the User's specific purpose, has the expected functions, commercial value, accuracy, and usefulness, and that the User's use of the Service is subject to laws and regulations applicable to the User. We make no guarantees, either express or implied, regarding compliance with the internal regulations of industry associations, continuous use, or no defects.

The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User, etc. in connection with the Service exceeding the amount of consideration paid by the User to the Company in the past [12 months], and shall not be liable for incidental damage, We are not responsible for compensation for indirect damages, special damages, future damages, and damages related to lost profits.
The Company does not provide any guarantee for the completeness or accuracy of the Service or the provided information.

The user shall compensate for and resolve any damages or disputes arising in connection with the use of this service at his/her own expense and responsibility, and shall not cause any damage or burden to the Company.

The Company does not provide support regarding the environment, etc. for users to use this service. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damage or damage to the environment or data used by the user due to the use of this service.

Even if the settings, etc. of the system managed by the Company do not conform to the environment, etc. used by the user or member, the Company shall not be obligated to change or modify them.


Article 16 (Confidentiality)

The User shall handle confidentially any non-public information disclosed by the Company in connection with the Service to the User, etc., with the exception of the prior written consent of the Company. will do.


Article 17 (Contact/notification)

Inquiries regarding the Service and other communications or notices from users to the Company, and notices concerning changes to these Terms and other communications or notices from the Company to users shall be made in accordance with the methods stipulated by the Company.

If the Company communicates or notifies the User to the e-mail address or other contact information included in the registered items, the User shall be deemed to have received such communication or notification.


Article 18 (Severability)

Even if any provision or part of these Terms is determined to be invalid or unenforceable under the Consumer Contract Act or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions and parts of these Terms are invalid or unenforceable. The remainder of the provisions so determined shall continue in full force and effect.


Article 19 (Governing Law)

The laws of Japan shall apply to the establishment, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of these Terms, and all other matters related to this Service.

If a problem arises between the User and the Company regarding the Service, the User and the Company shall consult in good faith and resolve the issue.

If, despite the provisions of the preceding paragraph, no settlement is reached through consultation, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance.


The contents of the publication are information as of March 13, 2023.