For customers who purchased Uni-motion

For initial settings after purchasing Uni-motion, troubleshooting, frequently asked questions, and software downloads, please refer to the Uni-motion Users Guide.

Frequently asked questions before purchasing Uni-motion

Q. What can I do with Uni-motion?
A. You can move the whole body in the VR space in cooperation with SteamVR.

Q. What kind of VR devices are supported?
A. Compatible with Oculus Quest2, HTC VIVE and other devices. For details, please check the list of devices whose operation has been confirmed.

Q. Can it be used with Oculus Quest2?
A. Yes. Please use Oculus Quest2 by connecting it to your PC with Oculus Link or VirtualDesktop.

Q. Can I use Oculus Quest alone without a PC?
A.No. A PC with SteamVR installed is required.

Q. What kind of software do you support?
A. Please check the compatible software list.

Q. Can Uni-motion be used alone?
A. Uni-motion cannot be used alone. Please prepare a compatible PC and VR headset.

Q. Can many people use Uni-motion at the same time?

At this stage (as of April 27, 2021), it is scheduled to be supported. However, please refrain from simultaneous use in a narrow space as it is dangerous.

Q. If I use multiple sets of Uni-motion, can I use it for detailed movements of my arms and other parts?

It will be available after pairing.

Q.Is there any effect on the body?
A. Since this product uses radio waves and wireless communication, please refrain from using it near people with pacemakers or medical equipment. Also, please be careful of congestion when tightening the belt.

Q. Can I use Uni-motion to create video content?
A. No problem. Please use it based on the copyright and terms of use of characters and various materials when producing videos. For example, if you want to create a dance PV with an MMD character and upload it to YouTube, please follow the rules of the character and YouTube.

Q. Can it be used for V-tuber?
A. Yes. Can be used in conjunction with Virtual Motion Capture, etc.