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Advanced full body tracking

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Whole body moves. Even your wrists and ankles.

Full body tracking with VR HMD

Can be used alone Supports upper body mode

Combining a VR headset with Uni-motion achieves full-body tracking. An additional sensor also supports the ankle.
* Operation confirmed with Oculus Quest2, HTC VIVE, etc.
It also supports popular 3D animation software such as Virtual Motion Capture and VR Chat, as well as VR services.

Uni-motion alone moves the upper body. It can be used for video distribution such as VTuber.

Expanding Possibilities with Additional Sensors

Various applications are possible by adding sensors.
This video is a demonstration of the upper body mode using 8 sensors and moving the wrist. In the upper body mode, you can turn around in a chair, and you can make movements that are impossible with normal camera tracking.
You can also move your finger in combination with Leap motion.
* Separate free software such as VseeFace and VMC is required.

Additional sensor

It can be used comfortably for a long time.

Complete wireless

Uni-motion's six sensors are completely wireless.
You can move your body comfortably.

Can be used for up to 24 hours

Battery-powered, no charging required. It can be used for up to about 24 hours (see data when using ENELOOP PRO®).

Light weight without burden on the body

The sensor is palm-sized. It weighs about 15g (without batteries), so you can use it for a long time without any burden.

Highly functional, yet simple and convenient.

Easy and highly functional full tiger

Realized full body tracking in combination with a VR headset. Tracks jumps and handstands well.

No base station required

No cumbersome base stations to place. Achieve full tracking in tight spaces.

No pairing required

The included device is pre-paired at the time of shipment. No hassle.

Reliable manufacturing system

Assembled in Japan and checked for operation one by one before shipping.

Complete wireless

No special suit or extra wiring is required. Easy to install. Accurately track any pose with inertial 6-point tracking.

No battery charging required

Battery-powered, no charging required. ENELOOP PRO® can be used for about 24 hours.
* Uses 6 AA batteries per set

Stable communication environment

A dedicated dongle provides a stable communication environment.

Operation confirmed system

VR equipment

Oculus Quest/Oculus Quest 2/Oculus Rift S/HTC VIVE/Valve Index/WindowsMR etc. (VR system that can work with SteamVR)

VR service

VR Chat / Cluster / Virtual Cast / Neos VR

3D animation software

Virtual motion capture


size 60mm x 40mm x 16mm
operating power supply 1.5 V AA battery (AA, LR06)
Operating time 24 hours or more​
sensor 9dof IMU/AHRS (acceleration, angular acceleration, geomagnetism)
accelerometer range ±16g
gyroscope range ±2000dps
magnetometer range ±4900uT
Wireless system 2.4 GHz (IEEE 802.11, Wi-Fi)
frame rate 60fps, 70fps, 144fps
latency ~ 10ms (70Hz, 144Hz) ~ 33ms (60Hz)

Confirmation before purchase

Operating environment

・PC with SteamVR installed
* Uni-motion alone cannot be used in an environment without a PC.

Warranty period

1 year from the product shipment date.
We accept repairs and replacements due to natural failures free of charge.

Prohibition of resale

Resale of Uni-motion is strictly prohibited both in Japan and overseas.

Product bundled items


A motion capture sensor worn on the body. Wear on the chest (1 piece), waist (1 piece), both legs (2 pieces each).


A holder that fixes the Uni-sensor to the belt.

1 cable

Used to connect Uni-station to PC.

number sticker
2 sheets

A number sticker that can identify the sensor.

fixing belt

Used when Uni-sensor is attached. 1 chest, 1 waist, 2 thighs, 2 legs.

1 piece

A receiver that receives Uni-sensor motion data. Connect to your PC.

Private case
1 piece

Uni-motion dedicated case. Can be used for storage and calibration.

* Dedicated software

Uni-motion dedicated motion capture software. Used to make SteamVR recognize Uni-motion as a tracker. *Installation of Steam VR is required. Download here https://www.uni-motion.com/pages/uni-studio (free).

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Optional Accessories

Additional sensor

Sensors can be added to the product version of Uni-motion.

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It is a belt for additional purchase.

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sensor holder

It is a sensor holder for additional purchase.

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It is a number sticker that can identify the attachment site. (for addition)

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