Immerse yourself in VRChat with Full Body Tracking using Meta Quest and Uni-motion Full! Dive into Uni-motion ver1.4.0 right away!

No need for a PC or smartphone! Enjoy full-body tracking in VRChat right away with just Meta Quest and Uni-motion Full!
Fully Wireless | Continuous 24-Hour Usage | No Battery Charging Needed (Battery-powered) | Lightweight 15g


No PC, No SP Needed! Enjoy Full-Body Tracking in VRChat.

In the latest Uni-motion update, starting VRChat is now possible without the need for a PC or smartphone when using the Meta Quest VR headset. If your Meta Quest VR headset and Uni-motion are connected to the same router, Uni-motion will function seamlessly. This eliminates the need for complicated tasks such as launching SteamVR on a PC or configuring Quest Link to connect the Quest and PC.

*When starting Full-Body Tracking with only Meta Quest and Uni-motion, you will need 6 sensors. If you are using Uni-motion Core, please prepare an additional sensor.

*To use this feature, please disable the band steering function on your Wi-Fi router.

*To utilize this feature, a firmware update is required using a PC (Windows). For more details, please refer to the Help page.

*Meta Quest is a trademark of Meta Platforms, Inc.


No complicated setup required, simply launch VRChat from Meta Quest for a Full-Body Tracking experience.

Using Uni-motion is easy! Simply power it on, launch VRChat from Meta Quest, and you're all set to use Uni-motion in VRChat with our hassle-free initial setup.

*For existing customers, Uni-motion will be available for use after the update. For more details, please check the Help page.



Calibration, which used to be cumbersome, is now as simple as pressing a button on the sensor.

Previously, calibration involved pressing the 'Calibrate' button in the PC app Uni-studio. However, this method required briefly removing the HMD to view the PC screen and involved mouse operations. With the updated Uni-motion 1.4.0, calibration is now as simple as pressing the button on the sensor attached to your body—eliminating the need to remove the HMD or perform any PC operations.


Costs for Full-Body Tracking are lowered naturally, as no PC is required.

Until now, starting Full-Body Tracking required a high-performance PC, a headset, and a Full-Body Tracking system, which could be costly and a concern. However, from now on, with Meta Quest and Uni-motion, you can easily start Full-Body Tracking, keeping costs in check.



As always, you can still use it via PC.
Enjoy it in your preferred variation!

Verified to work on major VR apps and platforms. You can use it with confidence right away.

Here is a list of devices and services where Uni-motion functionality has been confirmed.

*Please note that only devices and services verified by our company are listed. There are many unverified devices and services, so please understand.

VR Devices:

Oculus Quest / Meta Quest 2 / Meta Quest 3 / Meta Quest Pro / Oculus Rift S / HTC VIVE / Valve Index / WindowsMR, etc. (Compatible with VR systems that work on SteamVR)

VR Services:

VR Chat / Cluster / Virtual Cast / Neos VR 3D Animation Software / Virtual Motion Capture


Uni-motion Product Lineup

Uni-motion Core: Designed for those who want to easily start Full-Body Tracking (5 sensors).
Uni-motion Full: Ideal for those who want to express more natural full-body movements, such as in dance or games (6 sensors).
Uni-motion With: For those looking to resolve optical tracker tracking issues (1 sensor)."

Product Uni-motion Core Uni-motion Full Uni-motion With
Price (incl. tax) Approx.268USD Approx.335USD 10,800円
Included Sensors 5 Sensors 6 Sensors 1 Sensor
Tracking Points Chest, Both Thighs, Both Shins Chest, Waist, Both Thighs, Both Shins Chest
Battery Life 24 hours or more 24 hours or more 24 hours or more

Uni-motion Full

Included Items:
Uni-sensor x 6
Uni-station x 1
Chest & Waist Belts (95cm) x 2
Thigh Belts (60cm) x 2
Shin Belts (39cm) x 2.


See More Details for Uni-motion Full

Uni-motion Core


Included Items:

Uni-sensor x 5
Uni-station x 1
Chest & Waist Belts (95cm) x 1
Thigh Belts (60cm) x 2
Shin Belts (39cm) x 2.


See More Details for Uni-motion Core



Uni-motion With

Included Items:
Uni-sensor x 1
Uni-station x 1
Chest & Waist Belts (95cm) x 2


See More Details for Uni-motion With


Additional Uni-sensor

Feel free to enhance your setup! With additional sensors, you can expand the range of motion wherever you like, anytime.


See More Details for Additional Uni-sensor


Optional Accessories



This is a belt for additional purchase.

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Sensor Holder

This is a sensor holder for additional purchase.

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This is a number sticker for identifying the attachment location. (For additional purchase)

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