For customers who purchased Uni-motion

Uni-motion user guide

Please read this before using Uni-motion.

About sensor magnetic calibration

・When using for the first time

Uni-sensor performs magnetic calibration inside the sensor when shipped from the factory, but depending on the region where you use it, you may need to perform the calibration yourself.
Also, in order to get better motion capture results, it may be better to perform magnetic calibration before use.

・When a magnet etc. is brought close to the sensor and the operation of the sensor becomes strange.

Improvement can be expected by performing calibration operations according to the magnetic calibration video. If it does not improve, it may be improved by deleting the calibration information using Uni-configurator and executing magnetic calibration again. If the problem persists no matter how many times you delete and calibrate the calibration information, please check again whether there is anything that generates magnetism in your environment.

If the problem persists, the sensor may be faulty. Please contact us.

・Installing the USB driver

You need to install a USB driver to connect the Uni-station with your computer.
Download and install CP210x Universal Windows Driver v10.1.10 from here.

CP210x Universal Windows Driver v10.1.10

Initial setting

Uni-motion initial setting part 1 Holder installation

Uni-motion initial settings part 2 belt attachment

Uni-motion initial setting 3 calibration


Uni-motion Note 1


Uni-motion recalibration

When you bring something that emits magnetism close to it, the calibration may go wrong and it may not work properly. In that case, set the calibration again.